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Welcome to Brassmasters, manufacturers of high quality model railway kits and accessories, primarily in 4mm scale.


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The latest EasiChas kit is for the Bachmann LNWR/LMS G2 0-8-0. The detailing kit included in the EasiChas kit is also available separately.

We have sourced some very fine chain, which we have paired with our coupling hook etches to produce packs to make 3-link couplings. We have also introduced lost wax screw couplings for locomotives. Also new are replacement footsteps for the Bachmann Stanier 2-6-0,


We have now re-introduced all of the Martin Finney range of 4mm kits - six LSWR/SR locomotives and three tenders, 15 GWR locomotives and three tenders, and four LNER locomotives and four tenders.

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07/09/17 - Expo EM North; G2 EasiChas; GWR castings..... - read more

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Recent releases

Etched windows and building components



The five former R&E Models Great Central rolling stock kits are now available.


Modified Hall detailing kit

Improves the front-end of the Bachmann model with correct profile frames and footplating, and a new front plate for the bogie.

Replacement front for Fowler tender

Converts the Bachmann Fowler tender from the later type, fitted with coal doors, to the early type without doors.


We have EasiChas kits and detailing kits for the Bachmann MR/LMS 1F 0-6-0T, the Bachmann LMS 4F 0-6-0, Hornby GWR 42xx 2-8-0T and 72xx 2-8-2T, the Bachmann SECR/SR Wainwright Class C 0-6-0 and Bachmann MR/LMS 3F 0-6-0, and for three LNER Pacifics, the Hornby A3, the Bachmann A1 and Hornby A4.




Etched windows for scratch-builders and to match the Scalescenes range of buildings - in over 20 different window types, including the Engine Shed and Signalbox, Diesel Depot and Water Tower kits.

All are available in both 4mm and 2mm scale




A range of etched doors to complement our range of windows.



A range of connecting rods and coupling rods for RTR models - complete with working ‘knuckle’ joints and bosses.

Available now for Class 14 'Teddy Bear', MR/LMS 4Fand 3F, LNWR G2, SECR/SR Wainwright Class C, GWR 42xx/72xx, Hall, Grange and Manor, 43xx 2-6-0s and 41xx/51xx/61xx 2-6-2Ts and LNER A1, A3 and A4, and 08 diesel shunter.



We have included many photographs of completed models and these take the form of thumbnail pictures which, when clicked, open out to full size photographs which can be viewed in (sometimes excruciating) close-up. Yes, these are 4mm models !!! We are incorporating more photographs in the form of a gallery for each loco and tender kit, and also pictures of the etches and extracts from the instruction drawings for many of our other products.


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