42xx 2-8-0T - building the EasiChas


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These pictures show the building of our pre-production model of the 72xx - the 42xx is identical apart from the rear pony truck and frame extensions

  Click to Download the instructions. The basic steps in building the EasiChas are shown in the series of pictures below.


3-8 Stripped chassis 5-6 Basic Chassis assembly 5-10 Keeper plate
5-11 Brake cross shaft fold up 5-11 Brake cross shaft 5-12 Pony keeper plate
5-15 Ashpan 5-19 gear protector 5-20 chassis
5-24 Wheeled with no Keeper plate 5-24 Wheeled with Keeper plate added 7-1-1 Completed rods
7-2-3 Reverser & rear rt brake hanger bracket 7-4-5 Sandboxes fitted 7-6-7 Handbrake & Vacuum Brake levers
7-7-6 Cab rear 7-8-5 Fender 7-9-5 Buffer Beam brackets
7-10-3 Model Injector pipe 72xx 7-10-4 Injector Bracket 7-11-3 Front Frames

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