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The body is easily removed by 4 screws and easing out the clips on the cab fronts.

Remove the bogies by the screws and unsoldering the wires


Remove the weight/motor assembly by removing the 4 screws from underneath.

Unscrew and discard the fuel tank weight.

It is now time to cut off the Bachmann fuel/water tanks. If you model has the earlier continuous side valences (or fairings) this is easy to do with a saw in one operation making sure not to damage the valences – file back to a flush flat finish







DCC Sound Speakers

For those wishing to fit downward facing sound speakers sited in the tanks it is quite simple to drill out the “Class 24 and Class 25 reduced height fuel tanks and reduced length water tank”, as the resin is quite soft.  Mark the circle to be removed with a felt pen and drill a series of holes cleaning up with a burr in a minidrill. We considered incorporating this feature in the mouldings but the master would have been very fragile and we considered it not worth the risk.

The Class 25 balanced tank is too small to take a “normal” speaker surround, so you will have to resort to either a smaller speaker or removing the speaker from the surround and mounting it direct, but this will not be easy and we have no experience of this.


Replacement battery boxes /fuel and water tanks Fuel and water gauges Later style “Balanced” Fuel Tanks attached to chassis with cut-back valence Prototype photos
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