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General notes

There are four etches, one for the Easichas for the engine and tender, one for the detailing kit for the engine and tender, one for the coupling rods and one for the replacement tender frames.

Numbers shown in square brackets [ ] in the instructions refer to the etch (L or T for the EasiChas etch, D for the detail etch, C for the coupling rods and F for the replacement tender frames) and part numbers, e.g., [L2] is part 2 on the Easichas etch. 

The part number appears on the separate etch diagrams.  Certain parts, e.g. screws, wire, springs, are not numbered.

Some of the parts are small and easily damaged, so do please take care. 

Parts should be removed from the sheets as and when needed by use of a small scalpel etc., and the tabs and etch cusp removed with a small fine-cut file. 

All folds and bends are made with the half-etched line on the inside unless otherwise stated. 

On some parts it is necessary to emboss rivet / bolt heads from the reverse sides by use of a punch.

There are half-etched test rivet holes on the back of the etch edging strip. Use these to get used to forming uniform rivets.

You should look at the instructions regarding pre-preparing the wheels before commencing building.



Page last updated November 2017