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First test run The first test etch Test etch assembled With the rods fitted Second test etch
Assembling the brake gear Brake gear fitted Tender chassis

The EasiChas for the Hornby model of the GER J15 0-6-0 consists of fold-up etches to convert the locomotive and tender to either EM or P4 including new coupling rods, locomotive guard irons, balance weights, ashpan and replacement brake gear.

David Barham's blog about the design and development of the kit is well worth reading.

David has already assembled the test etch and it ran successfully first time - see his video of this https://youtu.be/QbPApw3bIyQ

It looks even better with the body on - https://youtu.be/jfFBwiH925E

The choice of wheels has been finalised as Alan Gibson 4'10" 16-spoke.

The second test etch is back from the etchers and looks good - see the picture at top right. David has built the test etch for the locomotive, added the brake gear and started on the tender chassis.

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