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The EasiChas for the Bachmann LNWR/LMS G2 0-8-0 consists of fold-up etches to convert the locomotive and tender to either EM or P4.

It covers all Belpaire-boilered G1, G2 and G2A variants, once the LMS Group standard roof was fitted. It includes the brackets and linkage for the improved brake gear and things like replacement tender coal space doors, direct and indirect valve gear reach rods etc and for the tender, a replacement set of outside frames, footplate and buffer beams for the tender. There will also be a set of Whale frames for those who want a slightly different locomotive (ref B244).

The EasiChas kit costs 50 (ref B241) and the detailing kit 10 (ref B242)

The EasiChas is designed around wheels with 3mm diameter axles and retains the Bachmann gearwheel.

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