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Add detail to the resin casting, detail up the battery boxes by drilling and fitting 0.3mm wire U shaped handles as indicated by the tiny indentations on the resin.  The fuel balance pipes and overflow (?) pipes are represented with 0.7mm wire


On the prototype the tanks are attached at the No1 (large grill) end of the chassis to “I” section beams crossing the chassis transversely behind the remaining valencing. These are best represented by black plasticard “T” section and the tanks can be attached to these and tongues of plasticard glued to the top of the chassis, ensuring the motor and flywheels have clearance

Finally for those who fancy a late condition 25 with all the valencing cut away (including below the cab sides) a visit to Jim Smith-Wright’s web site will give inspiration and allow a download of his article on how to do it, a recommended site!


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