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For locos with full fairings cut back to the lower point of the triangles on the new tanks


This is done using the block at the rear as a guide; clean up so absolutely flat on a sanding block.



Test fit the battery boxes and glue scrap plasticard to the chassis to act as a larger gluing surface




Clean up flash and moulding feeds with a sharp knife (the resin is quite soft) and files and detail up the battery boxes by drilling and fitting 0.3mm wire handles and catches fitted as indicated by the tiny indentations on the resin.  (the inner two are U handles the outer two are L lever catches with open tops).  The fuel feed pipes are represented with 1.2mm wire (note that a few 25’s had square fabricated feeds – you will have to scratchbuild these). Note that the illustration below has full height battery boxes and will be fitted to a loco with cut away valences


Glue the tanks in place with epoxy or superglue noting that the fuel tank is at the No1 (large grill) end of the loco.  Re-assemble the loco but be aware that the motor block and chassis only fit “one way round”
Later style “Balanced” Fuel Tanks attached to chassis with cut-back valence Fuel and water gauges Dismantling the chassis Prototype photos
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