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Removal of original roof

Stage 1


The first stage is to remove the original cab roof section, to do this you must make a saw cut.

The saw cut will require to be made at the roof bulkhead section. Please note when making this cut that it must be made in front of the raised strip on the roof with rivet detail and only cut down to the top of the rain strip and not beyond as shown on stage one photo.

Stage 2


Next you will require drilling a series of holes, using 0.9 drill in a drill vice.

The holes must follow the top line of the rain strip on the cab roof as of stage two photo.


Stage 3


Carefully cut the roof out with a fret saw guiding the blade through the holes which were made in stage 2.



Do not drop below the rain strip


Stage 4


The rain strip will require to be removed and the best way is to use a flat needle file taking small amounts way.


Note directly below the rain strip is another raised strip this will be required as shown in photo 4



Test fitting of new cab section


The new resin cab section may require some preparation before fitting as there may be excess resin from the moulding process.


Stage 1

Offer the new cab roof up to the model and test fit, remove any excess material in small amounts at this stage from either cab or loco for the best fit.

Stage 2

To attach the new cab we recommend five minute two part epoxy resin glue this will give you time to make any small adjustments in positioning and also filling any small gaps around the joint line.


Apply small amounts of glue on the top inside edge of the cab and then fit the new cab roof. Once the glue has cured you may apply a run of glue around the inside joint of the cab to make a stronger bonded area.


If there are any areas that require a small amount of filler we recommend that two part filler is used such as milliput.

Stage 3 Cab Bulkheads.

As the resin roof is thicker than the original unless the bulkheads are reduced in height the chassis will not fit.


The area to be removed is indicated by the hatching in the photograph.


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