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Rather surprisingly fuel and water tanks appear to have been built without any visible gauges, perhaps dip sticks were used. Later gauges were added but these could be on either side of the tanks and different patterns exist. Brassmasters produce resin castings for “flush fitting”  and face fitting varieties (1 of the former and 2 of the latter) which can be fitted to the resin castings.  The flush fitting gauge is the middle one on the sprue


Cut these from the sprue and clean up the outside of the gauge to produce a smooth round “plug” These are fitted by drilling a hole in the castings and fitting, start with a small pilot hole and gradually enlarge to the final size (4.2mm for the flush version, 4.0mm for the face mounted version). The face mounted version is shown below being fitted to a balanced tank.


Below shows the flush fitting gauge being prepared for fitting to the class 24/5 fuel tank; a little filler will later be applied around the edges.


Replacement battery boxes /fuel and water tanks Dismantling the chassis Later style “Balanced” Fuel Tanks attached to chassis with cut-back valence Prototype photos
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