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The 23 tenders which form the subject of this kit were built in 1936 for the P2 2-8-2s Nos. 2003-2006, in 1936/7 for the A1and A3 classes to replace corridor tenders transferred from them to the A4s, and with nine new A4s in 1937/8. Five of the A1/A3 tenders were transferred again to run with new A4s.

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Price 60

To complete

Etched superstructure and chassis

Lost wax and whitemetal castings

Designed by Martin Finney

Wheels 4 2" diameter (disc)


Couplings, paint and transfers

Download instructions and prototype notes

From about 1942 the built-up slatted coal gates were gradually replaced by ones cut from sheet steel.

From 1948 the height of the tender canopy on the five tenders still attached to classes A1 and A3 was reduced to 12 1.


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