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Fittings as used in our LSWR/SECR/SR kits - click pictures to zoom in


LSWR engine lamp brackets


LSWR  Etched brass

Adams' loco numbers: four sets of 0-9 

LSWR 4 and 6 wheel carriage

brake components

SECR/SR Wainwright Class C

0-6-0 coupling rods

E13 - 1.50   E41 - 2.50 E37 - 1.50 C301 - 5

SR standard locomotive lamp

brackets - 3 different types


LSWR/SR loco headcode discs

and diamonds  - with

special for Mr Drummond's 'Bug'

LSWR Adams' locomotive injectors

 - left and right hand

E34 - 1.50   E39 - 1.00 CB6 - 5

LSWR/SR/BR Drummond

4500 Gallon Tender - kit

to convert the 4000 gallon

kit (ref T10) to a 4500 gallon one.

Includes a highly riveted etched tank,

additional coal rails and coal space

divider plate.

LSWR loco coupling hook

and link pluscoupling chains

and hooks and eyes

SR lamp brackets - LSWR

conversions - 4 different types


SR loco screw

couplings - pair


E35 - 1.50   E40 - 1.50 E50 - 7.50 E42 - nya

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