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Compensation and suspension units

Building and couplings

Kits and accessories

Specially designed to produce smooth-running stock

Get those axles parallel!

Great Central Railway wagons and vans

Bogie compensation units Axle spacing gauges 5 types available

To make your 6-wheelers go round curves without falling-off

To ensure buffer heights are correctly set

Cleminson universal 6 wheel underframes   Buffer height gauge LSWR vans

Coupling hooks and pockets Coupling chain              3-link couplings Lost wax screw loco couplings

GWR diagram L4 crane match truck

   GWR carriage destination boards and lamp brackets

Ref E8 -  price 1.50

Lost wax coach couplings

 - screw or buck-eye 

GWR brake van window grills

Ref E7 - price 1.50


LYR Diagram 43 brake van conversion

GWR suspended corridor connections

Ref E9 - price 1.50


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