The ‘Princess Royals’ were one of the first LMS designs produced during Stanier’s regime. Initially they suffered from a number of “teething” problems, some of them caused by ideas that Stanier had brought with him from the GWR, and solutions to these were developed over time. This resulted in twelve locomotives exhibiting numerous detail differences, with boilers and fittings, fireboxes, frames, pony trucks, cylinders, motion and tenders all widely varying both as built and due to subsequent alterations.

Our kit contains etched parts to build a model of the engines when fitted with the most common boiler type, the long firebox version which had a sloping throatplate and combustion chamber. In particular, it enables the first two engines, Nos. 46200 and 46201 which had GWR pattern slidebars, to be modelled, as well as the ten production series engines, Nos. (4)6203 - (4)6212. Note that the additional parts to produce the modified motion bracket etc for (4)6205 are not included in the kit.


Click the pictures for close-up photographs  showing the construction of our test build model.

Click the picture above to see all of the etches and left to see all of the castings and diagrams of the motion




To complete


Etched nickel silver frames, motion and superstructure

Resin cast boiler, smokebox and firebox

Lost wax, whitemetal and turned fittings

Sprung axleboxes


 Princess 10ton tender (from 1936/7) or Stanier 9 ton 4000 gallon tender (up to 1937)


 Bogie - Ultrascale 3'0" LMS 9-spoke bogie Stanier or Alan Gibson 4S36ST

 Driving -  Ultrascale 6'6" LMS 20-spoke 14"c/t c.b.s. Stanier or Alan Gibson 4S78W

 Pony - Ultrascale 3'9" LMS 11-spoke Stanier or Alan Gibson 4S44C

 Motor  Mashima 1420 or larger
 Gearbox  High Level Road Runner or Highflyer 40:1 or 54:1




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