When 'Princess Royal' Nos. 6203 - 6212 entered service, they were coupled to the standard Stanier 4,000 gallon 9 ton tenders; Nos. 6200 and 6201 also swapped their original prototype flat-sided tenders for this type in early 1935. Although the 4,000 gallon water capacity was adequate for the West Coast mainline which was well provided with water troughs, 9 tons of coal was found to be barely sufficient for the distances over which the engines were regularly required to work.

Consequently, new tenders with 10 tons coal capacity were built for all of the ‘Lizzies’ in 1936/7. The side plates were continued upwards as far as the combined loading gauge would permit. The sloping bunker floor was also extended back further over the water dome, which increased the nominal capacity to 10 tons without any significant change to the frames and running gear. All these tenders used snap-head rivets in the construction of the tanks and they remained with the 'Princesses' until withdrawal.

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 Etched brass superstructure and frames

 Whitemetal and sprung buffers



 4'3" 12 spoke - Ultrascale or Alan Gibson G4851ST

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