The Princess kit contains both lost wax and whitemetal castings as shown below. Click on the images to zoom in


LW1 Various oil boxes
LW2 Inside spindles and boiler support (duplicate of whitemetal)
LW3 Outside spindles and guides left and right
LW4 Inside cylinder crossheads
LW5 Cylinder drain cocks
LW6 Cylinder piston seal and whistle
LW11 Inside spindle guides
LW12 Outside cylinder crosshead left and right
LW13 Front bogie stretcher left and right
LW14 Ashpan
WM1 Smokebox door
WM2 Backhead
WM3 Ashpan (duplicate of lostwax)
WM4 Pony truck outside bearing (only 2 req.) early version
WM5 Smokebox support no.2
WM6 Boiler support no.1
WM7 Boiler support no.2
WM8 Smokebox support no.1
WM9 Pony truck outside bearing, later version
WM10 Later dome
WM11 Pipe manifold - backhead
WM12 Pony truck springs
WM13 Regulator handle
WM14 Expansion link cover footplate (left) 6200-01
WM15 Expansion link cover footplate (right) 6200-01
WM21 Chimney
WM22 Steam pipes left and right
WM23 Exhaust steam injector
WM24 Screw reverser
WM25 Speedometer and valves (various)
WM26 Vacuum pipe, sandbox filler tops, valves
WM27 Exhaust steam injector, support bracket -Exhaust steam ejector
WM28 Lubricators
WM29 Sand box filler tops
WM30  Firebox doors
WM31 Piston covers
WM32 AWS battery box
WM33 AWS large reservoir
WM34 AWS small reservoir
WM35 Inside piston covers
WM36 Snifting valves
WM37 Live steam injector
WM38 Front bogie support pads
WM39 Expansion link covers left and right 6203-6212
WM40 Inside cylinder piston glands
WM41 Front cylinder covers - left and right
WM42 Outside cylinder covers left and right

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