These pictures show the test build of a model of 46200 with the GWR style "rabbit-ears" motion. Click on the images to zoom in. Note the test model does not have any detail parts added such as handrails, oilboxes, buffers, etc because it was built to prove the chassis which is the most complex part of the kit.
6200/1 test build model 6200/1 motion (inside valve gear not yet fitted!)
Bogie, pony truck and buffers now added From above
This is a very long locomotive! Side views close in
From below From below close in
Bogie Pony truck with roller bearings Pony truck with plain bearings
Bogie Pony truck Cab-front Front footplate
Frames - rear top view from front Frames - inside motion Motion bracket 6200-01 Cylinders, frames and slidebars
Tender front Rear bulkhead Motion bracket 6203-12 Cylinders and slidebars



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