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The EasiChas frames for the Bachmann 1F locomotive have been specifically designed to allow easy conversion to EM or P4 gauge, which results in a fully sprung locomotive. Furthermore, the basic conversion can be completed without the need to solder any of the main components together.

The kit is designed to cover the engines that had replacement frames, and the numbers on the Bachmann models are all from these. It is possible to use the kit for the earlier frames and there is a half-etched line on the inside of the kit frames to show their profile. The keep plate is also designed to accommodate the earlier frames. However, the builder will need to provide new firebox sides and a large part of the original Bachmann chassis block will show below the frames. There are other minor differences including a curved front edge to the frame above the footplate.

Those with replacement frames were: 1661, 1686, 1698, 1699, 1702, 1708 -1712, 1720, 1724-1726, 1734, 1736, 1739, 1745, 1746, 1749, 1752-1754, 1763, 1773, 1777, 1803 and 1804.

There are various levels of conversion with the builder choosing which, of any, additional detail is required beyond the basic conversion.

The basic level of conversion makes use of fold-up mainframes, keep plate and ashpan with sprung bearings.

Further components are provided to add to the detail of the conversion. These are, working from the front:

buffer beam brackets front and rear that support the sandboxes

replacement coupling rods

replacement brake hangers and blocks

replacement brake pull rods and brake shaft

replacement bunker coal rails

Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-use the Bachmann pick-ups on this EasiChas. A suggested method for making pick-ups has been given, which has worked very successfully on the test build, although there are many other methods which the builder may prefer to use.

Suitable wheels are available from Alan Gibson, Ultrascale and Markits. Alan Gibson do a standard replacement wheel pack using 3mm axles. This allows re-use of the original gear wheel without modification. Ultrascale and Markits use 1/8 axles, which means that if these wheels are used, the gear wheel will require drilling out (a relatively easy task and can be done using hand tools). If using Ultrascale or Markits wheels, the bearings in the kit will need to be returned to Brassmasters, who will replace them with a 1/8 set.


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