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  Coupling chain Coupling hooks and pockets


Our coupling hooks, rectangular wagon pockets and links of fine chemically blackened chain make up into superb 3-link couplings.

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Original fine chain - in either blackened copper or soft iron. 48 links - enough for 8 pairs of couplings.

Prototype chain - with thicker (scale) links - in either blackened copper or soft iron. 36 links - enough for 6 pairs of couplings.

Etched in 12 thou brass this useful etch consists of 24 coupling hooks and associated rectangular wagon pockets. Hooks are arranged so they can easily be folded to form a double thickness, soldered together and filed to produce a prototypically thick hook; alternatively they can be fitted through the pockets singularly.  The hooks are based on prototype drawings and feature a generous 'mouth' capable of accepting quite thick coupling links.  The hole for the link is etched to accept 0.7mm links.

Reference Coupling chain Price
MC 006

Prototype - copper links (36)


MC 007 Prototype - soft iron links (36) 8
Reference Coupling chain Price

MC 008

Fine - copper links (48)


MC 009

Fine - soft iron links (48)


Reference   Price

MC 005

  24 hooks and 12 pockets



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