Hornby GWR 42xx 2-8-0T EasiChas


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The EasiChas kit consists of fold-up etches to convert the locomotive to either EM or P4 including new coupling rods, rear guard irons, new balance weights, ashpan and replacement loco brake gear plus a Detailing Etch including dummy front frames, reverser lever, brake shaft brackets, replacement cab back details, improved sand box detail and bunker fender.

The EasiChas kit, which includes the detailing parts costs 60 (ref H221). Click to Download the instructions and view the etches and to view pictures of the assembly of the chassis.

The Detailing Etch is available separately (ref H223) at 10 for those not converting the locomotive to EM or P4.

The Easichas is designed around wheels with 3mm dia axles and retains the Hornby gearwheel. Suitable wheels are available from Alan Gibson and Ultrascale. These are their standard replacement packs with 3mm axles for the driving wheels and 2mm axles for the pony truck.


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