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The A4 EasiChas kit includes parts to replace the front frames, reach rod, footplate brackets and guard irons - this is also available separately - price 10 (ref H209)

Frame overlay Frame overlay fitted Footplate brackets and new reach rod

Small footplate support brackets Lubricator drive Footplate brackets
Parts list
Front chassis overlays
Bogie wheel splashers
Door opening gear brackets
Outer door opening gear bracket
Buffer beam brackets
Buffer spring housings
Buffer washers
Frame guard irons
Front valve spindle guide fronts
Front valve spindle guide backs
Rear valve spindle guide fronts
Rear valve spindle guide backs
Large footplate support brackets
Small footplate support brackets
Small footplate bracket flanges
Brake hanger brackets
Reach rod safety loop
Reach rod safety loop guide
Reach rod guide bracket
Reach rod joint
Reach rod
Speedo bracket
Damper linkage
Damper brackets
Return crank bearing back large hole
Return crank bearing back small hole
Return crank bearing front
Bogie brackets
Bogie gussets
Tender guard irons

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