Bachmann LMS Crab 2-6-0


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Improve your Bachmann Crab : simple to fit additional details to complete your model. 



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Front frame extensions

Reinforcing rings for front lifting point

Riveted front buffer beam

Packing pieces for buffers

Buffer steps

Slide bar step

Loco steps - both types of steps, flat and bent over edges

AWS bang plate

Frame for dummy sliding window

Balance weights, three styles; crescent flush with tyre (as on the model), crescent proud of the tyre; square ended either flush riveted or riveted.

Coal rails and supports

Replacement cab doors

Water dome base

Water filler base

Lifting lugs

Tender steps, both types of steps, flat and bent over edges

Buffer steps

Tender guard irons

Tender gangway doors

Rear of front bulkhead

Lamp irons



AWS cylinders -  large and small                     

Battery box

Cylinder drain cocks (standard)

Cylinder drain cocks (shrouded) 

Vacuum pipes (loco and tender)

Steam injectors 

Rear tank air vents

Water dome   

Water filler

Tool rack

  Additional detail fittings  are also available - in etched nickel silver and lostwax

Reference Specification Price
B 201

1 sheet of etched parts plus whitemetal castings for fittings


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