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The EasiChas frames for the Bachmann G2 locomotive have been specifically designed to allow easy conversion to EM or P4 gauge, which results in a fully sprung locomotive and tender. Furthermore, the basic conversion can be completed without the need to solder any of the main components together.

There are two different basic versions of the Bachmann locomotive, plain cab side and cab side fitted with sandbox filler, and three different versions of the tender, plain tender, tender cab without rear steps, tender cab with rear steps. The only limitation on the locomotives that can be modelled is that the cab side sand filler was not introduced until 1946 and then only on those fitted with tender cabs and rear steps to replace the withdrawn 0-8-4 tanks at Edge Hill and Buxton, and later for other locations. Apart from this limitation, the Bachmann G2 can be used as a basis for any G1, G2 and G2A locomotive once fitted with Belpaire boiler and cut-down cab, both appearing from about 1924, except those fitted with steam brake.

Click here for further details of the history as it affects the locomotives that can be built from the Bachmann model and Brassmasters’ EasiChas.


There are various levels of conversion with the builder choosing which, of any, additional detail is required beyond the basic conversion.

The basic level of conversion makes use of:

- fold up mainframes keep plate and ashpan with sprung bearings

- fold up replacement tender frame with sprung bearings.

Further components are provided to add to the detail of the conversion. These are, working from the front:

- replacement buffer beam

- replacement buffer beam bracket

- locomotive guard irons

- drain cocks operating gear

- drain cock operating rod

- replacement coupling rods – two-jointed version

- replacement reach rod - both original and strengthened valve gear

- sander operating linkage

- replacement brake hangers and blocks

- brake pull rods for single and double braked versions

- cab floor

- replacement tender brake gear

- tender guard irons

- replacement tender coal rails

- replacement tender frames, drag and buffer beams

- replacement rear footsteps for tender cab locomotives

- lamp irons for engine and tender

The replacement set of frames buffer beam etc. replaces the lower half of the Bachmann tender giving the proper distance between the frames rather than the over-wide ones on the Bachmann model. An alternative set of frames is available for the Whale type frames with D shaped opening used on the earlier version (BC3) of the Bowen Cooke tender.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-use the Bachmann pick-ups on this EasiChas. A suggested method for making pick-ups has been given, which has worked very successfully on the test build, although there are many other methods which the builder may prefer to use.

Suitable wheels are available from Alan Gibson, Ultrascale and Markits. The standard replacement wheel packs with 3mm axles are suitable for the G2 EasiChas. However, if you already have wheels with 1/8” axles, the bearings in the kit can be exchanged for 1/8” bearings.

The earlier 3-piece coupling rods are also available from Brassmasters.

The tender suspension has been designed for the Bachmann tender as it comes, which some modellers may think is somewhat light. If the suspension wire is replaced by 0.009” guitar wire then the tender should be weighted to 80 grams, and with 0.010” wire, 130 grams.



Page last updated November 2017