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The detailing kit for the Bachmann LNWR/LMS G2 0-8-0 includes parts to improve the appearance of the locomotive and tender. These are, working from the front:

- replacement buffer beam

- replacement buffer beam bracket

- locomotive guard irons

- drain cocks operating gear

- drain cock operating rod

- replacement coupling rods two-jointed version

- replacement reach rod - both original and strengthened valve gear

- sander operating linkage

- replacement brake hangers and blocks

- brake pull rods for single and double braked versions

- cab floor

- replacement tender brake gear

- tender guard irons

- replacement tender coal rails

- replacement tender frames, drag and buffer beams

- replacement rear footsteps for tender cab locomotives

- lamp irons for engine and tender


Full details of each of these options are shown in the instructions.

The replacement set of frames buffer beam etc. replaces the lower half of the Bachmann tender giving the proper distance between the frames rather than the over-wide ones on the Bachmann model. An alternative set of frames is available for the Whale type frames with the 'D'-shaped opening which were used on the earlier version (BC3) of the Bowen Cooke tender.
Two patterns of coupling rods are available for the G2. Both consist of three separate rods on each side (the centre rod overlaps the two outer ones). Generally, the 3-part rods lasted up to WW2 to be replaced by jointed ones; however, some locomotives were built with the later type. By BR days, the 3-part rods were very scarce.
Also available is a set of  whitemetal tender axleboxes/springs to replace the plastic ones on the model and two whitemetal chimneys, the earlier LNWR type and the later Stanier pattern.


Ref   Price
B242   Detailing kit  15
B244   Whale tender frames  7.50
B245   Cast whitemetal tender springs and axleboxes (set of 6)  8.50
A251   LNWR pattern chimney (whitemetal)                                                           4
A252   LMS Stanier pattern chimney (whitemetal)    4
C105   3-piece coupling rods 6
C106   Jointed coupling rods 6

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