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This etch is designed to simulate the actual valve gear and connecting rods for use in 00, EM or 18.83 gauge; all parts of the valve gear and connecting rods are included.

We have not split the axle for the cranks and instead use a key along a brass tube to drive the cams; this allows the whole assembly to be continually tested to ensure it runs freely.

In principle, you can still build the valve gear up solid and allow the axles to revolve freely in the tube. For fully working inside motion the brass tube can be locked up.


Ref A122 - Price 20


      new10.jpg (43111 bytes)  new11.jpg (44485 bytes)  new12.jpg (70100 bytes)

new5.jpg (63812 bytes)  new7.jpg (39363 bytes)  new8.jpg (23455 bytes)  new9.jpg (53382 bytes)

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