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The EasiChas for the Hornby GER J15 0-6-0 consists of fold-up etches to convert the locomotive and tender with a fully sprung chassis to either EM or P4 gauge .

For the locomotive, the kit includes our own ⅛ brass bearings running in fold-up frames and keeper plate with new guard irons. The original plastic brake hangers cannot be re-used, and accurate brake rigging with etched brake blocks and hangers is included. There are also replacement prototypically jointed coupling rods and a new ashpan.

The tender has a fold-up sprung frame with replacement brake blocks and hangers.

The EasiChas kit costs 65 (Ref H208) - Click to see the User Guide for the conversion, to Download the instructions and to view the etches.

Hornby have produced a number of different variants of the class. We have produced brief notes on these and the prototypes covered.

The choice of wheels is Alan Gibson 4'10" 16-spoke (Ref 4858) and 311 10-spoke for the tender (ref 4847) - or the Markits equivalent EM wheels. It is designed for use with wheels having ⅛ diameter axles. Please ensure this is made known to your wheels supplier, as replacement wheel packs may have a different size axle.

David Barham's blog about the design and development of the kit is well worth reading.

When David assembled the test etch it ran successfully first time - see his video of this https://youtu.be/QbPApw3bIyQ

It looks even better with the body on - https://youtu.be/jfFBwiH925E


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