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Brassmasters etched windows complement the popular range of buildings and scratchbuilding materials. Designed in collaboration with, this range of etches enhances the windows and provides additional details to match the photo-realistic finishes on these buildings.       

As the Scalescenes kits can be built in different configurations, the etches are provided in packs allowing the purchaser to choose just the sizes they need.

To see which packs are used on individual Scalescenes buildings click here to download a chart produced by Scalescenes linking the etches and building kits. We do not have copies of the kits ourselves so please consult the chart to work out which packs you need.

The factory windows feature separate hinged panes, and the sash windows fold to give different levels of relief on the glazing. Additional features are also provided for details such as tie-bar plates and door furniture.

Over 20 types are available covering sash, bay, arched and industrial windows - click for full details (including sizes) of the range - 4mm or 2mm.

Note - you cannot buy directly from this web site - contact us to check availability of stock. Alternative payment methods are available.

In addition to the industrial and domestic windows are those for railway buildings including the Station kits, the Diesel Depot kit, the Engine Shed and Signalbox kits and the Water Tower for which there are also Ladders and Safety Cages.

Scalescenes have a free to download 'grime-covered' window sheet specifically to place behind your etched windows. Follow this link to download: Grimy windows.

Assembly tips

Small tabs of duct or gaffer adhesive tape can be used to permanently secure the finished windows to the inside of the wall. Alternatively, superglue or other adhesives may be used.

To model the hinged lights in the factory windows open, saw a diagonal cut in the edge of a piece of MDF with a piercing saw to hold the hinged section.

This allows you hold the section steady and position the main window.

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