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Construction diagrams and photographs taken during the test build

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Footplate and cab floor

Boiler, tanks and bunker

Pony truck and cylinders


Spring and Compensation Beam Keeper Plate Assembly

Cylinder Block with Wrappers and Valve Chest Overlays

 Coupling Rods with Alignment Jig used to accurately position the bearings and hornblocks.

Note the valve rocker shaft brackets are not yet formed to shape

Right-hand Crosshead with connection to Vacuum Pump.

The brass vacuum pump casting has sinve been superseded by a resin print

Trial Fit of Cylinder Block in the frames with the Valve Chest and Piston Rod tubing in place. Note that these tubes are over-length

Cylinder Block, Slidebars, Piston Valve Gear and Motion Support Plate


Assembled Pony Truck - Swing Link Version

Complete Brake Gear Assembly

Complete Chassis Assembly almost ready for testing.

Note that on this test build the Frame Overlays and Balance Weights have yet to be fitted.

The High Level gearbox frame requires modification in order to drop between the frames for removal.

View of tank former from the rear

Running Plate with tank former

Cab front and firebox in position

Bunker former with the bunker front overlay in place. Note that the water feed valve rod guides should be horizontal.

Smokebox and parallel boiler section with the formers temporarily held in place


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