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This is the third in our range of kits for simple and rapid  conversion of RTR locomotives to a sprung chassis in EM or P4. As with our A1 and A4 EasiChas kits, no soldering is required to produce a fully sprung chassis - just use our fold-up EasiChas over the existing Hornby chassis block. Note this kit is not suitable for tender drive versions and other earlier Hornby models.

We have been advised by a customer that the latest versions of the Hornby A3 are now DCC-Ready or DCC-Fitted and have the decoder location moved from the locomotive to the tender, and the tender also modified to allow a speaker to be fitted if required. This means there are some changes to the tender frames. The respective EasiChas can still be used but will require the slots in the top of the plastic frames to be widened to accommodate EM and P4 wheels. Also, if the tender pickups are to be fitted, a small part of the moulding on top of the frames that is inside the body will need to be removed.

We have taken lots of photographs during the building of our test model - click here to view these. Download the instructions.

There are various levels of conversion with the builder choosing which, of any, additional detail is required beyond the basic conversion.

The basic conversion makes use of:

fold-up mainframes and keep plate with sprung bearings

fold-up replacement bogie (3 types)

fold-up replacement tender frame with sprung bearings.


Further components are provided to add to the detail of the conversion. These include:

Detailed front frame overlay

Buffer spring castings

Correct pattern replacement front footsteps

Frame fitted lifeguards

Footplate brackets

Replacement reach rod, both Doncaster and Darlington pattern

Replacement damper mechanism and brackets

Brake hanger brackets

BR speedo mounting bracket

AWS protection plate

Dummy bearings for return crank

Bogie bracket

German type smoke deflectors and brackets

Tender life guards

Parts above to suit both right hand and left hand drive locos

The detail etch is available separately - Ref H210 - price 10


Ref H206 Specification
Price 65 Etched nickel silver, with 3mm axleboxes, springs, wire and CD (containing a large number of prototype photographs)

Wheel sets and crankpins


Hornby models which can be converted

Not all the Hornby A3s can be converted using the EasiChas kit. Click here to check. Also see the note above re DCC models.




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