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The LNER built ten corridor tenders in 1928 to enable the Flying Scotsman to run non-stop between Kings Cross and Edinburgh, allowing the relief crew to take over the train without stopping. When new, these tenders were coupled to A1s, and also to Class A3. From October 1936 they were modified and then paired with A4s Nos. 4482-90/98.

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Price 70

To complete

Etched superstructure and chassis

Lost wax and whitemetal castings

Designed by Martin Finney

Original condition A1/A3

   Wheels: 4' 2" diameter - 12 spoke

Rebuilt condition A4

   Wheels: 4' 2" diameter - disc

Couplings, paint and transfers

Download instructions and prototype notes

The modifications for the A4 class consisted of:

(1)           Replacing the original spoked wheels with disc wheels.

(2)           Increasing the width between the side sheets at the front end. This necessitated moving the front handrails towards the rear. At the same time, on the tenders behind 4488 to 4490, these handrails were increased in length by 3" to 4' 6".

(3)           Raising the height of the front and division plates to cab height and providing a fairing.

(4)           Removing the second lamp bracket on the left side of the back.


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