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Fittings as used in our LNER kits - click pictures to zoom in



GNR/LNER locomotive

coupling hooks

LNER mud hole door brackets

 and washout door covers

LNER A1 4-6-2

coupling rods

LNER A3 and A4 4-6-2

coupling rods

E25 - 1.50

E29 - 1.50

C201 - 5 (per pair)

C203 - 5 (per pair)



GNR/LNER screw couplings

to be used with E25

LNER engine & tender lamp brackets

LNER A1 4-6-2

connecting rods

LNER A3 and A4 4-6-2

connecting rods

E28 - 1.50

E31 - 2.00

C202 - 3 (per pair)

C204 - 3 (per pair)

LNER A1/A2/A3/A4/V2 etc

crosshead/piston rod and

 stuffing box



LNER tender lifting ring brackets




E30 - 1.50

CB5 - nya





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