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Gresley's 4-6-2 design for the Great Northern Railway had a new type of eight-wheeled tender which is the subject of this kit. Similar tenders were built by the LNER and the North British Locomotive Company for the production A1 class engines.



Price 70

To complete

Etched superstructure and chassis

Lost wax and whitemetal castings

Designed by Martin Finney

Wheels 4' 2" diameter - 12 spoke


Couplings, paint and transfers

Download instructions and prototype notes

Variations/Modifications incorporated into the kit

Plate behind coal rails: The plates on the final 20 Doncaster-built tenders were extended to the rear by 2 8".

Frame steps: The steps on the North British built tenders were 8 4" across whereas the Doncaster built ones were 8 8 across.

Fire iron storage: The original tenders were built with two brackets to enable the fire irons to be stored on the ledge across the tender in front of the sloping coal plate. From 1924 the front coal plate was cut away to enable the fire irons to be stored along the side of the tender above the coal space. It is uncertain whether or not the brackets were then retained.

Modified front end: At the same time as the original A1 class engines were converted to left hand drive (circa 1952-1954) the tenders were rebuilt at the front end to suit. This involved a new design of front plate and coal gate with the coal plate vertical. The water scoop and brake columns changed sides.

Rear steps and handrail: These were fitted from circa September 1953


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