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This Martin Finney designed kit is for the LSWR 11ft 0in wheelbase fitted vans with timber underframes.

These were built for passenger-rated traffic and were low-roofed wagons with sliding doors. They were later used for general traffic although remained unaltered. 275 were built between 1896 and 1911 and they remained in revenue service until at least 1951.

The kit includes single block, double block, Morton and lift-link brake gears, a choice of Panter or Warner axleboxes, and etched screw couplings.

This is an accurate kit to the correct dimensions and covers the following diagrams:

SR diagram 1401 - Fruit van for passenger traffic (built 1896 - 1911)
SR diagram 1481 - Meat van for butter traffic (built 1908 - 1910)

Pictures by Gerry Beale
It has a pre-formed roof and uses etched brass construction to bring out the detail of the original wagon with whitemetal side framing and end stanchions, axleboxes/springs and buffers.

It can be built for 00, EM and P4 gauges and incorporates springing  as standard.

Comprehensive instructions and diagrams are provided.

Wheels (3ft 7in Mansell), buffer heads of your choice and paint/transfers are needed to complete the kit.

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Download the Instructions and the Diagrams




Reference   Price
R 032 LSWR 11ft 0in fitted van 35



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