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The EasiChas kit consists of fold-up etches to convert the locomotive and tender to either EM or P4 including new fluted and plain coupling rods, replacement guard irons, new balance weights and replacement loco brake gear plus a Detailing etch including for the loco, weight shaft and lifting links, replacement reach rod, replacement reversing lever, sander operating lever, front footsteps, cab and rear splasher beading as fitted to some locos, replacement chimney top to produce a Johnson chimney, and for the tender, replacement front footplate and handrails, brake gear and coal rails plus a replacement set of tender outside frames, draw beam and buffer beam and footplate for those who arenít happy with the wide frames and chunky steps on the Bachmann model. The EasiChas kit, which includes the detailing parts costs £65 (ref B211). Click to Download the instructions and to view pictures of the assembly of the chassis.

Also available are replacement splashers - those on the Bachmann model are 1.5mm diameter too large and these make a dramatic improvement.

The detailing etch is available separately (ref B212) at £15 for those not converting the loco to EM or P4. Note that it also includes an etch representing the inside tank suitable for mounting the replacement tender brake gear on a 00 model, and a full set of weights for the weightshaft which canít be fitted to the Bachmann model, but would be suitable for kit built locos.

It is difficult to re-use the Bachmann tender axleboxes and buffers when using the replacement tender frames, the plastic mouldings are hard to remove without damaging them. We supply lost-wax axleboxes and sprung buffers for an additional £15.

The Easichas is designed around wheels with 1/8Ē dia axles and retains the Bachmann gearwheel. Suitable wheels are available from Alan Gibson and Ultrascale. Although they both do standard replacement wheel packs neither are suitable for the 3F EasiChas. This is because the EasiChas uses 1/8Ē axles. When purchasing wheels, ensure that you state they are for the EasiChas and you will be given the correct wheels and axles. The Ultrascale set includes a new gear wheel.


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