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Single chimney, cylindrical smokebox, curved drop footplate

Double chimney, semi- smokebox, open footplate

Work on our limited edition kit for the ultimate LMS locomotive, the Coronation 4-6-2, is moving nearer to completion after long and unavoidable delays due to Covid and illness. The resin boiler castings have been produced and the final production etches are almost ready. We are now working on the new, specific patterns for the lostwax castings and have taken advantage of the latest technology to produce very fine, resin-printed detail components.

The specification is similar to our previous LMS kits with a resin boiler/firebox but now with the addition of the resin printed castings.

The kit will allow the building of de-streamlined (46220-29, 46235-48) with either semi- or round-topped (cylindrical) smokeboxes, or non-streamlined engines (46230-34, 46249-55). It includes both the curved drop and open front footplates and both single and double chimneys.

Two versions of the welded 10 ton 4,000 gallon tender will be available, one with the "mushroom" pattern vents as built with 6230-6234 and the other, the de-streamlined type with extended sidesheets and rear ladder. There will also be a part-welded tender as built with 46253-46255.




Double chimney, cylindrical smokebox, open footplate

Double chimney, cylindrical smokebox, curved drop footplate

Note that parts will not be included to model the last two engines, 46256/57, which had modified cabs and pony trucks.

Jim Smith-Wright has been building the pre-production model and has described progress on his blog.

We hope to have the kits on sale during the first half of 2024 but there is much work still to do before we can finalise a release date.



Click to see all of the pre-production etches Click to see Below the footplate Click to see Above the footplate Click to see the resin smokebox, boiler and firebox, and the detail components. Click to see the tender



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