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The 3,500 gallon tender with flush riveted tanks and fitted with longer spring hangers and associated brackets. The springs are the later flat topped variety. The brake hangers are the early type with twin plates, but the vacuum cylinder position is in the later position (Collett era as per the longer spring hangers). The fender is also the later type (but in this case 1910s)

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Price 70

 Etched superstructure and chassis

 Both flush and snap-head riveted tanks

Lost wax and whitemetal castings

Between 1905 and 1926 the GWR built 649 tenders with a water capacity of 3500 gallons, all to basically the same design. From around the end of 1917 the tank rivets were changed from flush to snap-head. They were paired with all of Churchward's standard tender engines and to engines of all the inside cylinder 4-4-0 classes. Later, Collett used them for his Castles, Halls, Granges, Manors and 2251 class.

There were many modifications made to the basic design during the 21 years during which the tenders were in production and many more subsequent changes as they were rebuilt.

The early Lots were similar to the contemporary 3000 gallon tenders. They had a small transverse vacuum tank, short coal plates, small toolboxes, short vents, the combined water filler/scoop fountain and a tall water level gauge. From about Lot A78 the hybrid water filler/scoop dome was introduced and from about Lot A82 tenders were built with small longitudinal vacuum tank, longer coal plates, larger toolboxes, larger vents, the hybrid water filler/scoop dome and a shorter water level gauge.

Later, the separate dome/filler was introduced. Subsequent modifications included swapping the vacuum and steam heating pipes to opposite sides on the rear buffer beam with a characteristic crossover of the pipes under the footplate at the rear. This may have been done at the same time as larger transverse vacuum tanks were fitted from the middle 1920's onward.

During later life the brake hangers were changed on some locos from the twin type to the cast type.

All of these variations/modifications are now allowed for in the kit, including the snap head riveted tank and the later cast brake hangers. These are available separately, ref T3-RO price 5 for the riveted overlay and ref T3-BB price 2 for the brake hangers.

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