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GWR 3150 2-6-2T

This is a completely new kit to the highest possible standards. It represents the engines as rebuilt from 1919 onwards, with larger (deeper) bunkers, longer smokeboxes and superheated boilers.

The engines, numbered 3150-90, were a development of the 3100 Class 2-6-2T, the principal difference being the substitution of the larger Standard No. 4 boiler.

2251 0-6-0 Atbara/Flower 4-4-0 3232 2-4-0 City 4-4-0
Stella 2-4-0 Straight frame Bulldog/Bird Curved frame Bulldog Duke 4-4-0
Hall 4-6-0 47xx 2-8-0 28xx 2-8-0 Aberdare 2-6-0
1854 and 2721 class 0-6-0 PT 41xx/51xx/61xx 2-6-2T Dean Goods 0-6-0 Collett 4000 gallon tender
Dean 2500 gallon tender Dean 3000 gallon tender Hawksworth tender Churchward 3500 gallon tender

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