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Price £60

 Etched superstructure and chassis

Lost wax and whitemetal castings

Between 1884 and 1906 the GWR built 397 tenders with a water capacity of 3000 gallons, all to basically the same design. These tenders were used with singles, 2-4-0s, all classes of double-framed 4-4-0s, 2301 class, Aberdares, 28xx and 2251 class.

There were many modifications made to the basic design during the 22 years over which the tenders were in production and many more subsequent changes as they were rebuilt.

The earliest tenders had coal rails and no water scoop. The water filler was a cylindrical casing and the sandboxes were mounted on the footplate in front of the tank. They also had Identical toolboxes on each side and some were fitted with an overflow pipe and fountain for use with engines equipped with crosshead driven water feed pumps.

Later tenders were fitted with a water scoop and a combined water filler/scoop fountain. The front of the scoop was subsequently fitted with a plate presumably to prevent 'foreign bodies” entering. The operating mechanism for the drip trap on the steam heating pipe can be clearly seen. These early tenders also had narrow footplates, a "drop" in the flare on the tank sides at the front, front steps with a curve on the leading edge and hornguide ties of the rod type.

From Lot A45 the flare on the tank sides was carried through to the front, the coal rails were extended forward and the footplate widened at the front. These tenders were built for the new 4-4-0s and consequently had a raised footplate at the front. Shortly afterwards, steps with a straight leading edge and strip type hornguide ties were introduced.

From Lot A54 coal plates replaced the coal rails and the last lots had the wide footplate throughout and a separate water pickup dome and filler.

Subsequently all were rebuilt with coal plates, a different pattern toolbox on the left hand side and fire iron trays and were fitted with water level gauges. Most appear to have had the sandboxes removed and replaced by a single sandbox on the left hand side at the front of the coal space.

All of these variations are allowed for in the kit.

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