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The EasiChas kit produces a sprung chassis in either EM or P4 gauge for the Hornby GWR 5101 and 61xx 2-6-2T. 

These large Prairie tanks were an updated version of the Churchward engines introduced in 1903.

They were divided into two classes: the 5101 class (5101-5110, 5150-99, 4100-79) introduced in 1929, for general use, with 200 lb. pressure boilers followed by the 6100 class (6100-69), specifically to work accelerated London suburban services, with 225 lb. pressure boilers.


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There are various levels of conversion with the builder choosing which, of any, additional detail required beyond the basic conversion which makes use of fold-up mainframes, keep plate, and ashpan with sprung bearings, and a separate etch for the rear frame.

Further components are provided to add to the detail of the conversion. These are, working from the front:

replacement pony and rear trucks

replacement coupling rods

replacement brake hangers and blocks

replacement brake pull rods

reverser lever

brake shaft brackets

improved sand box detail

rear buffer beam brackets

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Suitable wheels are available from Alan Gibson, Ultrascale and Markits. (Pony truck: 3'2" dia. 10 spokes, Driving: 5 8" dia. 18 spokes, Rear truck: 3' 8" dia. 10 spoke). As the Hornby model uses 2mm axles, there are no standard replacement packs, so the EasiChas uses 1/8 axles for the driving wheels and 2mm axles for the pony truck and rear axle.

Reference H251 - price 65

Note the kit is only suitable for the version introduced in 2021.

Side view Top view Close-up of cut-outs for bearings Brake gear

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