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60024 with corridor tender in 4mm scale built by Chris Pendlenton

7mm scale model as LNER 24 built by Martin Finney

The kit contains alternative parts to enable construction of an accurate model as originally built with valences and single chimney, or in later condition with valences removed and a double chimney. It features a one-piece resin casting for the streamlined casing.




To complete


Etched nickel silver frames, motion and brass superstructure

Resin smokebox, boiler and firebox

Lost wax, whitemetal and turned fittings

Flexichas suspension

Non-working, ‘dummy’ inside motion

Designed by Martin Finney


 Corridor tender or Streamline non-corridor tender


Driving: 6' 8" - 20 spoke - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

   Bogie: 3' 2" - 10 spoke; Trailing 3' 8" - 12 spoke
 Motor  Designed for a Portescap 1624 or 1616; alternative is a Mashima 1420
 Gearbox  High Level Road Runner or Highflyer 40:1 or 54:1
Download the instructions View the etches and castings

Variations / Modifications possible from the kit


Chimney: single and double chimneys. Double chimneys were fitted to all of the single chimney locomotives between May 1957 and November 1958.

Frame rivets: The original engines were built using countersunk rivets and so give a smooth appearance to the frames. Many photographs show a gradual change to rivets with a visible head as the frames were repaired.

Extra roof vents: Fitted from March 1937.

Casing access doors: Two types; the original with a press clip fastener was replaced, from November 1937, with the locking handle type.

Extra casing access doors each side of the smokebox: From April 1938 some engines were fitted with these doors which had two hinges on their top edge. From 1939 these ‘2-hinge’ doors were replaced by a longer ‘3-hinge’ door; all 35 engines receiving them.

Lamp bracket - smoke box door: From March 1941, the top lamp bracket was moved 9" down the door.

Side skirting: between June 1941 and October 1942 the skirting both in front of and behind the cylinders was removed from all the locos. This revealed that some of the locomotives had the GNR pattern valve guides ahead of the cylinders, which are provided.

Bogie dust shields: At first, two small dust shields were fitted to the front of the bogie. From about 1941 these were replaced with a continuous one.

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