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These subframes, based on those in the Martin Finney LSWR van kits, have been designed to fit under Slaters, Cambrian and Parkside wagons although they may be used for other manufacturers’ (specifically Bachmann and Oxford ready-to-run) and scratchbuilt wagons.

Our latest type is for 9ft wheelbase wooden solebar wagons fitted with Morton brakegear. Mofre Morton examples will follow.

They provide an easy-to-assemble, sprung sub-frame and include full single-sided or independent double-sided brakes with a choice of brake levers and brake lever guides.

The subframes can be built for 00, EM or P4 gauges and incorporate springing as standard.

Comprehensive illustrated instructions and diagrams are provided.

Wheels (3ft.1½in.diameter) and coupling chain are needed to complete.

Van with Morton brakegear

Pre-1923 above; post-1923 below

ETCHED COMPONENTS (pre-1923 wagons) - post 1923 are similar (see instructions)

U1.          Underframe

U12.        Brake lever long standard - (2)

U2.          Bearing carrier – (4)

U13.        Brake lever cranked - (2)

U3.          Brake block and hanger – (4)

U14.        Brake lever guide – pin type – (2)

U4.          Brake block centre – (4)

U15.        Brake lever guide – ratchet type – (2)

U5.          Push rods outer – (2)

U16.        Brake lever guide jig – (1)

U6.          Push rod inner – (2)

U17.        Door bangs- (2)

U7.          Brake shaft levers – (4)

U18.        Coupling hook left hand– (2)

U8.          Safety loop short – (2)

U19.        Coupling hook right hand – (2)

U9.          Safety loop long – (2)

U20.        Coupling hook face plate – (2)

U10.        ‘V’ hanger – (2)

U21.        Buffer body rings

U11.        Brake lever short standard – (2)


Other components

Components not supplied

Waisted pin-point bearings – (4)

Wheels – 3’1½” split spoke with 26mm axles

0.2mm steel spring wire

Coupling chain

0.3mm wire for the brake blocks


0.8mm wire for brake shaft


Download the instructions for R041/042 or for R051/052 or for R061

Click to enlarge pictures


  RCH 1907

Gloucester 1905



Reference   Each For 5
R 041 RCH 1907 9ft wheelbase £8 £35
R 042 Gloucester Carriage & Wagon 1905 9ft wheelbase £8 £35
R 051 RCH 1923 9ft wheelbase (to fit Slaters, Cambrian, Parkside kits and Bachmann RTR) £8 £35
R 052 RCH 1923 9ft wheelbase (to fit Oxford RTR) £8 £35
R 061 NEW  RCH 1923 9ft wheelbase with wooden solebars and Morton brakegear  NEW £8 £35


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