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3245 with S4 boiler and round topped firebox. Fully lined livery with polished brass dome and safety valve cover and brass beading on splasher fronts.

Smokebox wrapper with flush rivets and  wooden cab roof.

This is a 7mm model but is illustrative of what can be built from the 4mm kit.

3250, built and painted by Martin Finney, in 1926 condition with a B4 boiler and Belpaire firebox. It is in plain green livery with painted dome and safety valve cover, and plain splasher fronts.

Smokebox wrapper with snap-head rivets and steel cab roof.

3236 with B4 boiler and Belpaire firebox - built and painted by John Hayes.

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To complete


Etched nickel silver frames, motion and brass superstructure

Lost wax, whitemetal and turned fittings

Flexichas suspension

Non-working, ‘dummy’ inside motion

Designed by Martin Finney

 Kit to convert to working Inside Motion - IM2


 Dean 2500 gallon tender or Dean 3000 gallon tender


Driving: 6'8" 22-spoke - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

Leading: 4’ 1½”" diameter 12 spoke - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

 Motor Designed for a Portescap 1219; alternative is Mashima
 Gearbox High Level Load Hauler Plus.

The 3232 class was the last completely new class of 2-4-0 built at Swindon. They were built in two Lots in 1892/3 which appear to differ only in the arrangement of the front end framing. This effects the guard-iron struts and the length of the bracket attaching the outside frame to the bufferbeam. Parts are provided to allow these differences to be modelled.

The original boiler was of the "Sir Daniel’ class with the dome on the front ring (S2) and with a very short smokebox. They were first reboilered with similar boilers with extended smokebox or with back - dome versions of the same class (S4). They were eventually all fitted with boilers with a Belpaire firebox of two quite different types. Some were fitted with a "Standard Goods" type (B4c) and others with the "Sir Daniel" type (B4). The kit includes both the round top firebox S4 boiler and the Belpaire firebox B4 boiler.

When built, the locomotives were fitted with standard 3000 gallon tenders but later, some of the class acquired 2500 gallon tenders.

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Variations / Modifications possible from the kit

Differing rivet patterns: mostly allowed for.

The removal of the brass beading: the splasher fronts and tops and the coupling rod splasher fronts and tops are produced with and without beading.

The fitting of top feed to the B4 boilers: two different boiler wrappers are provided.

Differences in the cab front: two are provided, one with large spectacles and one with smaller spectacles.

Differences in the cab roof: both the early canvas covered wooden type and the later steel type are included.

The kit also includes a complete set of cabside numerals so that any member of the class may be constructed.


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