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In 1930s condition with Collett 4000 gallon tender. Built by Martin Finney.  Painted by Chris Wesson.




To complete


Etched nickel silver frames, motion and brass superstructure


Lost wax, whitemetal and turned fittings


Flexichas suspension


Designed by Martin Finney


 Collett 4000 gallon tender or Churchward 3500 gallon tender


Driving: 5'8" 18-spoke 15" crank throw, pin in line with spokes - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

Pony truck: 3'2" diameter 10-spoke - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

 Motor  Designed for a Portescap 1624 but an alternative is a Mashima 1428
 Gearbox  High Level Highflyer 30:


Download the instructions. View the etches

Churchward's final engine design prior to retirement in 1921 was this mixed-traffic 2-8-0 with 5' 8" wheels.

When built, the engines were paired with new (probably!) 3,500 gallon tenders of standard Churchward design with visible, snap head rivets, on the tanks and coal plates. At least two (4704 & 4706) were subsequently fitted with Dean 4,000 gallon tenders with flush rivets until all the class were paired with new Collett 4,000 gallon tenders, which became standard for the class and all were running with these by 1933.

Variations / Modifications possible from the kit  

Cab roof: About 1927 the cab roofs were extended at the back.

Snifting valves: position varied.

Cab spectacle windows: plated over during the late 1920s.

ATC equipment: fitted to the entire class in 1930/1.

Smokebox chin step: two different designs.

Lamp bracket: moved to smokebox door in 1934-37.

Vacuum pipe: originally tall - later a shorter pattern introduced.

Pony truck spring housing: originally uncovered but subsequently fitted with a bell shaped cover.


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