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This model, built and painted by Martin Finney, shows an example of the class as running in 1936, in this case with an ex-ROD tender. An earlier version built by Lee Marsh has the standard No 4 boiler with top feed fitted from 1911 onwards and a Dean 3000 gallon tender.




To complete


Etched nickel silver frames, motion and brass superstructure

Lost wax, whitemetal and turned fittings

Flexichas suspension

Non-working, ‘dummy’ inside motion

Designed by Martin Finney

 Kit to convert to working Inside Motion - IM1


 Dean 3000 gallon tender


Driving: 4'7½" 14-spoke outside crank - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

Pony truck: 2'8" diameter 10-spoke - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

 Motor Designed for a Portescap 1616 but an alternative is a Mashima 1224
 Gearbox High Level Road Runner Plus with 54:1


Download the instructions. View the etches

Introduced in 1900, the Aberdare was a Dean design albeit with very obvious Churchward influences.

40 locomotives (2621 - 2660) were built new with the standard number 2 boiler but were all re-boilered with the standard number 4 boiler by 1910. The remaining locomotives (2661 - 2680 and 2601 - 2620) were built new with the standard number 4 boiler.

The kit represents a locomotive with the number 4 boiler, the condition of all the class from approximately 1908 until the final withdrawal in 1949.

The first locomotive 2600 (originally 33) differed from the rest of the class in its arrangement for the pony truck compensation beams and so cannot be easily modelled using the kit.

When built, the locomotives were fitted with standard Dean 3000 gallon tenders.

From 1929 onwards a large proportion of the class were fitted 4000 gallon tenders of Great Central design made redundant by the scrapping of R.O.D. 2-8-0s.

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