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A3 60092 Fairway with non-corridor tender built by Chris Pendlenton

This kit is for the left-hand drive LNER Gresley A3 Pacifics. The twenty-seven new A3s can be built in their original condition and the remaining converted A1s can be built after their change from right-hand to left-hand drive in the early 1950s.




To complete



Etched nickel silver frames, motion and brass superstructure

Lost wax, whitemetal and turned fittings

Flexichas suspension

Non-working, ‘dummy’ inside motion

Designed by Martin Finney



GNR/LNER coal-rail tender, corridor tender or streamlined non-corridor tender


Driving: 6' 8" - 20 spoke - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

   Bogie: 3' 2" - 10 spoke; Trailing 3' 8" - 12 spoke
 Motor  Designed for a Portescap 1624; alternative is a Mashima 1420
 Gearbox  High Level Road Runner or Highflyer 40:1 or 54:1
Download the instructions View the etches and castings

Variations/Modifications incorporated into the kit

Chimney: original type and double chimney fitted to most of the locomotives from 1958 onwards.

Dome: original types and later banjo dome.

Frames: Differing frame lightening hole arrangements.

Frame rivets: The original engines were built using countersunk rivets and so give a smooth appearance to the frames. Many photographs show a gradual change to rivets with a visible head as frames were repaired or replaced.

Bogie: The locomotives built with the swing link bogies were soon converted to the helical spring type circa 1933-34.

Front end cover plates: Small cover fitted from 1933 onwards and larger sliding cover from 1945.

Front footsteps: Fitted from 1935 onwards.

Rear spring retaining brackets: Fitted later.

Firebox crown washout plugs/door covers: Originally square ended plugs and from circa 1936 onwards circular covers.

Anti-vacuum valve plate - Two types provided.

Cab seats: original type replaced with bucket seats from circa 1935 onwards.

Cab sides: original cut-out increased in height by 11" at the same time as bucket seats fitted.

Lamp irons - footplate: second lamp iron on right-hand side removed from 1931.

Lamp iron - smoke box door: two different types.

Trough type smoke deflectors: fitted to 55 of the locomotives from 1960 onwards.

Reversing rod: Different shape depending on whether Doncaster or North British built.

Frame guard irons: Removed in the period 1952-54.

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