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This is a 4mm scale model built from the Finney kit.




To complete


Etched nickel silver frames, motion and brass superstructure

Lost wax, whitemetal and turned fittings

Flexichas suspension

Non-working, ‘dummy’ inside motion

Designed by Martin Finney

 Kit to convert to working Inside Motion - IM5


Dean 3000 gallon tender or Churchward 3500 gallon tender.


Driving: 5' 2" - 16 spokes, 10” throw - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson, Markits

 Motor Designed for a Portescap 1616; alternative is a Mashima 1420
 Gearbox High Level Road Runner 60:1

The kit contains alternative parts to enable construction of an accurate model of the GWR Collett 2251 0-6-0, from new in 1930 to withdrawal, apart from a couple of minor exceptions.


All of the engines built before the War were paired with second-hand Dean 3000 gallon tenders, except 2281-86 which had ex-ROD tenders. From Lot 337 in 1940, new 3000 gallon tenders of Collett pattern were provided although not all the new engines received new tenders because only fifty tenders of this design were produced. After the war, many of the older engines, and some of the newer ones, received second-hand Churchward 3500 gallon tenders.

The rear sandboxes fitted to the final Lot (nos. 3200-3219) - causing the injectors to be mounted further to the rear - are not included in the kit.

Download the instructions View the etches

Variations / Modifications possible from the kit

Reverse: lever or screw type

Whistle manifold cover: fitted from Lot 283 onwards (all except first 20 engines)

Whistle shield: from Lot 298 onwards (all except first 40 engines).

Cab side handrails: Three different configurations.

Smokebox lamp bracket: Moved to the smokebox door on a few members of the class.

Balance weights: A bewildering variety - many different permutations are included.


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